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We only accept reservations up to 6 hours before the requested transfer date. For last-minute transfer reservations, please contact us directly. Cancellations and changes to the booking must be made 12 hours before your arrival.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the fee for the service provided goes to the driver immediately after the service has been provided. Discounts or other deductions are only accepted on the basis of and in combination with written agreements.
All cancellation requests must be sent in writing to our email address at least 12 hours prior to the day of your first scheduled transfer. Cancellations that meet the above conditions will be refunded using the same payment method and currency that was used at the time of purchase. Cancellations made less than 12 hours before the transfer date stated on your booking voucher cannot be returned.
We bring two pieces of luggage per person, any additional or special luggage. (E.g. golf clubs, ski boards, bicycles) must be specified when booking. We cannot be responsible for carrying undeclared extra baggage.

All legal proceedings with the company take place at the Landeck District Court in Austria.

Flow Taxi Lendeck
Malser Str. 62 / Top 3
6500 Landeck
Tyrol / Austria
+43 (0) 660 444 4030
taxilandeck@gmail.comt completely and cannot be published. The terms and conditions serve to protect website owners. They can set their own terms and conditions and meet their information requirements. In the case of an online shop, this information obligation can be e.g. B. details about goods, prices as well as the conditions of the conclusion of the contract, the termination and the revocation. The terms and conditions must contain headings and be formulated appropriately for your own company. To make sure that your terms and conditions comply with legal regulations, have them checked by an experienced lawyer.

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